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Meals for Kids

The “Backpack” Program

Across this great land there are thousands upon thousands of children who leave school every Friday and who do not eat again until the have breakfast Monday morning in the school cafeteria. This means that these youngsters miss seven consecutive meals. This “weekends-without-food” phenomenon produces a state of continuing malnutrition that results in academic and social deficiencies and failures.

Citizens through out the western Arkansas- eastern Oklahoma area have taken a stand to end such childhood hunger by adopting a simple and straight forward slogan that “No Child Should Ever Go Hungry.” From this slogan has arisen the Meals For kids Backpack Program.

True stories about children on the Backpack Program

One Friday afternoon  a school counselor, as was her weekly routine, was passing out pre-packaged sacks of food to be placed in the backpacks of  the school’s pupils who were involved with the Meals For Kids Program. As she finished handing out the food, she was surprised to see that she had a sack of food left.  In searching her memory,  she was confident that she had seen all the Backpack…

A new 3rd-grader by the name of Andy was enrolled in an area school, and an academic assessment was quickly conducted within a matter of days.  Sadly, the results of Andy’s  assessment were bleak and indicated that the young student would need special education and remedial services.  However, the teacher who had worked with Andy up to that point felt that he was more capable and had…

The appreciation of the children for the Meals For Kids Program is evident. In one school, the formerly low-achieving children who were receiving the weekend meals approached their principal one day and asked “How do we go about forming our own club?”  The principal was curious and asked why they wanted to do this. “Because,” they replied, “We’re there for each other.  We…

Billy had always been a lethargic, withdrawn little boy with few social skills and dubious study habits. His drawings were immature and his penmanship was atrocious. He was the kid that was always left out of games, was always chosen last for a team and was only chosen because the teacher made the others include him. The truth is, he would prefer not to be chosen at all. He…

True Grit Ride 105 - 2018 Just Around the Corner

The Community Services Clearinghouse Guild is the proud sponsor of the True Grit Ride 105 which will be held on June 23rd at 0700am at Chaffee Crossing. This is the 7th year for this event with all the proceeds going to support the Clearinghouse Emergency Food Pantry and the Meals for Kids (Back Pack Program). The Clearinghouse has been supporting families and children for over 36 years. Thousands of children have been provided a Back Pack of nutritious foods each Friday of the school year and also during the 9 week summer program. At risk children are provided food for the weekend so that they can return to school on Monday prepared to learn. This event also features a 5K run/walk for those who would rather enjoy a quick run or brisk walk instead of riding a bike. For the family their is the short 10 mile ride along with several longer routes but for the True Grit rider there is the challenge of the 105 mile ride. This Event is noted for its homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, great goodie bags with a unique gift, t-shirt, BBQ lunch and live music. Come on out and enjoy the day. For more details and registration go to
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