The Community Services Clearinghouse has been honored the past several years by the work of one young man that does not want his fellow students to be hungry over the weekend.  Jude Daniels the  son of Jubal and Amanda Daniels was almost 5 years old when he learned from his mother that other children did not necessarily have food all the time and many did not have food over the weekend.

Jude stepped in.  He announced to his parents that instead of presents for his next birthday he wanted his gifts to be food for kids and families.  Thus the story begins.  For the past 7 years Jude has collected over $200 worth of items each year from his birthday and donated them to the Community Services Clearinghouse for our Back Pack Program and Food Pantry.  These donations have feed hundreds of kids over the weekend and many families for weeks.

Jude is an example to us all.  The Clearinghouse was able to honor Jude this past month with a certificate of appreciation for his efforts.  This caught him completely by surprise but he told us “this will go next to my baseball trophies”.  The Daniels’ family has a right to be proud of their son and the Clearinghouse staff would second that.

If you would like to aid the Clearinghouse with a donation, Food Drive, monetary donation, or volunteer your time please contact us at (479) 782-5074 or stop by 4420 Wheeler Avenue in Fort Smith.  We are open from 8am till 4pm, Monday thru Friday.








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