It’s A Gift

A new 3rd-grader by the name of Andy was enrolled in an area school, and an academic assessment was quickly conducted within a matter of days. Sadly, the results of Andy’s assessment were bleak and indicated that the young student would need special education and remedial services. However, the teacher who had worked with Andy up to that point felt that he was more capable and had more potential than was being indicated. His teacher was very aware of the success the Backpack Program had had with other students in the school, so she suggested to the principal that perhaps Andy was terribly hungry and that taking food home for the weekends might help. The principal readily agreed and that following Friday Andy was sent home with a backpack full of food. When Monday came and Andy returned to school, the teacher and principal could not believe the tremendous difference in the boy. Before he had been listless, dull, and uninterested, but this Monday morning found Andy to be lively, alert, and eager to learn. That backpack of food had done it! (Note: A few weeks later the school conducted another assessment and the results this time were indeed different this time and tested out as GIFTED!)