Now That’s Special

The appreciation of the children for the Meals For Kids Program is evident. In one school, the formerly low-achieving children who were receiving the weekend meals approached their principal one day and asked “How do we go about forming our own club?” The principal was curious and asked why they wanted to do this. “Because,” they replied, “We’re there for each other. We help each other. When someone’s down, someone else cheers him up. We need our own club because we’re special.” The principal was touched by this and told the children how wonderful he thought it was that they had come to think of themselves as special. Then the principal heard something he would never forget. “Oh, we’re special all right,” one child proclaimed. “We know that some nice folks give this food to us because we need it. So we think we all owe them a special favor–to make good grades and be good people and to make something out of ourselves.” As the principal looked around the room at all these kids, he thought to himself, “Very special children, indeed.”

(Afterword: The children did for a fact organize their club, which they called the “Backpack Club,” and soon gained a reputation throughout the school as “cool” kids. Soon the principal found himself being asked by many other pupils, “What do we need to do to get into that Backpack Club?” These backpack kids were truly setting an example for their peers.)