Van Buren High School’s Art Department led by Kara Holland  has done it again.  For the 9th year in a row the students in the Art Department have come together to create unique bowls and other various pottery items to support the Community Services Clearinghouse Back Pack Program.

This years event provided the Clearinghouse with over $3,000 to support our Back Pack Program.

Students created bowls, recruited donors of food, served food, and entertained during the evening of this event.  Students sold tickets for $15 (adults) and $7(kids) to purchase a bowl.  Then they helped fill the bowl with a fresh homemade soup out of the Van Buren High School kitchen with the assistance of the kitchen staff (who kindly volunteer their time and skills).  Students provided music, filled bowls, cleaned tables, washed empty bowls, and sold other pottery items.  Also, a silent auction was included.

All the proceeds from the evening were then donated to the Clearinghouse to support the Back Pack program.  Over the past 9 successful years the students have donated over $23,000 to the program.

The Clearinghouse staff, volunteers, and students participating in the Back Pack program shout out a huge “Thank You” to all those students, faculty, staff, and other volunteers who make this happen each year.



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