Forgetful Friday

One Friday afternoon a school counselor, as was her weekly routine, was passing out pre-packaged sacks of food to be placed in the backpacks of the school’s pupils who were involved with the Meals For Kids Program. As she finished handing out the food, she was surprised to see that she had a sack of food left. In searching her memory, she was confident that she had seen all the Backpack kids at school that morning. Then it came to her–the missing child was Amy. And Amy in fact had been at school that day! Amy was always so excited to receive her backpack of food, so where was she? The explanation, the counselor thought to herself, was that she had gotten ill and was taken home early and then thought no more about it. Later, as the counselor was walking to her car to go home, she heard a child nearby crying very loudly as if absolutely heartbroken. She looked and it was Amy!. The counselor asked Amy why she was crying. Struggling to speak through her tears, Amy said she had done something so terribly awful–she had rushed off from home that morning and had forgotten her backpack. Crying more intensely now, Amy said, “I don’t have it for you to put my food in.” The counselor understood that Amy assumed that because of her forgetfulness she would now have to go hungry until the school breakfast on Monday. Taking Amy by the hand, the counselor quickly reassured her that she would not go hungry. “Come, Amy,” she said, “Let’s go back in and get you a loaner backpack for this weekend.” Ten minutes later a very happy little girl was on her way with her “substitute” backpack. (By the way, Amy never forgot her backpack again.)