Jude Fights Hunger With Heroic Birthday Wish
by Pattie West
June 9, 2021

When ordinary kids are asked what they want for their birthdays, most parents are met with responses like, “Action figures,” “LEGO sets,” or, “NERF guns.” Jude Daniels is no ordinary kid. Jude has been a champion of the Community Services Clearinghouse since he was five years old. After realizing that kids his age were going hungry, Jude was inspired to forgo toys on his birthday and instead asked for food that he could donate to the Meals for Kids backpack program.

Jude has continued the tradition of donating food on his birthday for many years now. In 2018, we presented Jude with a certificate of service In recognition of the support Jude has given to our community. Jude’s outstanding initiative has inspired other kids to donate food on their birthdays, causing a ripple effect in our community. Jude has become not only responsible for the food he has donated, but partially responsible for the food he has inspired others to donate. In 2021, Jude donated food to the Community Services Clearinghouse for his tenth consecutive year.

The Meals for Kids backpack program is instrumental in alleviating childhood hunger in our community, providing 2,400 meals per week to hungry children. We greatly appreciate Jude and the other kids who are willing to spend their time and effort to help in the fight against hunger.

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