Two Golden Words

Billy had always been a lethargic, withdrawn little boy with few social skills and dubious study habits. His drawings were immature and his penmanship was atrocious. He was the kid that was always left out of games, was always chosen last for a team and was only chosen because the teacher made the others include him. The truth is, he would prefer not to be chosen at all. He had little energy for the school yard games. The only activity which drew his interest was quiet time when he could lay his head on the desk and rest. Many people thought Billy was lazy. Actually, Billy was hungry. As soon as the Backpack Program was started at Billy’s school, he was given a backpack full of food for the weekend. It did not take long for the teachers and the counselor to see a change. Billy’s ability to get along with the other students improved, his grades jumped, and he had the energy and zeal of a happy little boy. One day as Billy was receiving his weekend backpack, he asked his counselor to help him. Billy wanted to express his appreciation to the people who gave him the food. He wanted to do this personally. The counselor explained that many people were involved in the Backpack Program. But it was not enough that the counselor tell the people that Billy was grateful, he wanted to do it himself. So Billy and the counselor talked about how Billy could achieve his goal of expressing his appreciation. They decided on the perfect solution. The counselor gave him some extra supplies to take home for the weekend. On Monday, Billy proudly showed his counselor the result of his weekend project. It was a regular sheet of white paper, folded properly into a greeting card. Billy had carefully, and very skillfully, colored a design on the card. It contained two large-print, perfectly lettered words: Thank You