Tyson Goes the Extra Mile to Keep Our Freezers Filled
June 23, 2023

When someone hears Tyson, likely his or her first thought is of delicious Tyson chicken. However, Tyson contributes much more to the world than just chicken. Tyson has played a critical role in helping feed the hungry through generous contributions to the Community Services Clearinghouse. Because of Tyson, we can provide a healthy source of protein to those who need it.

For the past three years, Tyson has partnered with the Community Services Clearinghouse to make a difference in our community. Just recently Tyson donated 40,000 pounds of chicken to our pantry.

Before partnering with Tyson, hot dogs were the primary protein source we used to fill hungry bellies. With the help of Tyson, we can now fill those hungry bellies with chicken. If our pantry is running low on meat, we can call Tyson, and Tyson will often fill our freezer within a week.

Many times, the people who need food from our pantry are the elderly. People who have retired are sometimes faced with the devastating reality that they do not have enough to make ends meet. These retirees will often go to the store and get only the essentials, such as bread, milk, and eggs. There is rarely enough left over to purchase a healthy source of protein, such as chicken. Tyson helps the Community Services Clearinghouse fill this gap, keeping our freezers filled with chicken desperately needed by the elderly.


Thank you Tyson!

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