ArcBest: Empowering The Clearinghouse through Volunteering, Donations, and Support.
June 29, 2023

In today’s corporate landscape, the importance of giving back to the community cannot be overstated. ArcBest, a leading logistics and transportation solutions provider, exemplifies this commitment through their extensive philanthropic efforts. With a deep-rooted dedication to social responsibility, ArcBest consistently volunteers, donates, and supports the Community Services Clearinghouse (CSC) in their mission to alleviate hunger.

Volunteerism: Making a Hands-On Difference ArcBest recognizes that giving time and expertise can make a profound difference in community development. Their employees actively engage in volunteer initiatives through the CSC, devoting their time to various projects that serve those in need. Whether it’s organizing food drives, participating in Day of Caring, volunteering for True Grit, helping with Hope for the Holidays, or packing Meals for Kids bags, ArcBest team members are at the forefront of meaningful volunteer efforts. Their commitment to rolling up their sleeves and actively making a difference showcases their genuine dedication to our community.

Donations: Empowering Sustainable Change Alongside their volunteerism, ArcBest provides financial support to the Community Services Clearinghouse, enabling sustainable change within the community. Through their generous donations, ArcBest helps the CSC continue its vital work of assisting children and families facing hunger. These contributions play a crucial role in funding programs such as the Meals for Kids program and on-site food pantry. By investing in the CSC, ArcBest demonstrates its commitment to creating a brighter future for all members of the community.

ArcBest’s unwavering commitment to volunteering, donating, and supporting the Community Services Clearinghouse is a testament to their dedication to creating positive change. Through their hands-on involvement, financial contributions, and logistical support, ArcBest empowers the CSC to extend its reach and impact in addressing critical community needs. As an organization deeply rooted in corporate social responsibility, ArcBest sets a commendable example for other companies, demonstrating the transformative power of combining business success with a genuine commitment to giving back. Together with the Community Services Clearinghouse, ArcBest continues to build stronger, more resilient communities, one act of volunteerism and one donation at a time.


Thank you ArcBest for being a supporter of The Clearinghouse!

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