Walmart Food Drives Help Feed the Hungry
by Pattie West
June 10, 2021

A trip to Walmart does not have to be a tedious chore or an uneventful part of the week. When you see a sign that says, “No Child Should Ever Go Hungry,” outside of a Walmart, it means you have an exciting opportunity to make a difference in our community. “No Child Should Ever Go Hungry” is more than a slogan at the Community Services Clearinghouse. Helping to eliminate childhood hunger is our mission, and Walmart Food Drives have become a critical part of achieving this mission.

When you go to a Walmart and see one of our stands, you can ask what food items we need or donate any non-perishable food items. We will often even have a list that you can shop from to make it easier to pick out the things we need most. Going to Walmart may be a routine trip for some, but many families and children do not have the luxury of going to Walmart and coming home with their needs met. To help fight hunger, be on the lookout for one of our stands in front of Walmart.

Walmart Food Drives are a big part of how the Community Services Clearinghouse receives the food we need to feed our community. The generous food donations we receive at Walmart have been enough to fill up vans and even ambulances. We thank Walmart for allowing us to have these food drives and the generous donors who continue to support those in need.

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